Eyebright Compound Capsule


  • Eye health
  • 60 capsules

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Eyebright Compound capsule contains 4 ingredients – all are known to be capable of improving the health of our eyes:

  1. Eyebright Extract
  2. Marigold Extract
  3. Japanese Pagoda Tree Extract
  4. Wolfberry Extract

Eyebright extract has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy actions. Eye inflammation and itch are common eye ailments.

Marigold extract contains Lutein – a compound capable of filtering off harmful light from reaching the retina.

Japanese Pagoda Tree extract contains Rutin. Rutin is a powerful anti-oxidant. It is known to protect retina cells from harmful rays and free radicals

Wolfberry (Goji berry) extract has long been used in Chinese medicine to promote eye health. The berry is rich in zeaxanthin which has protective function against harmful sun rays.